Course Etiquette



To ensure everyone's time on the water is as enjoyable as waiting in line can be and not jeopardize our permission to setup our course in the cove, the club has established the following guidelines:

  1. Each skier is allowed six passes or three falls. Be advised that a fall is considered a pass. (In and out of the course = two passes)
  2. Only one skier per boat is allowed to ski. Please alternate boats not skiers within the same boat.
  3. Also, please keep "rope shortening" and "water settling" times to a minimum.
  4. Late in the day as the sun begins to set, please keep "rope shortening" and "water settling" times to a BARE minimum.
  5. If you are the next skier up, BE READY to ski. Stay aware of the skier in front of you and on his/her last pass be on the platform ready to go.
  6. Please leave the course as you found it, or better. Knock out a buoy or boat guide, please replace it. If the mini buoys bother you and you lower them to ski, please raise them back after you have finished skiing.
  7. Be kind to other boaters. Remember, we have a permit to use the cove which is issued annually. Should enough complaints from other boaters get to the right people, we could possibly lose our site.
  8. Therefore: INFORM and EDUCATE other boaters as to why we desire smooth water and then SUGGEST where they might better enjoy their open water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, etcetera.
  9. Also, remember our voices "carry" on the water and anything said loudly enough can possibly be heard on shore. With home sites near, improper language could result in complaints from the shore and again be a potential threat to our permit.
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J. Percey Priest Lake Level